Pros and Cons of Flyover Pergolas

This design can be very functional when extra height is required but can also be an aesthetic feature.

  • We can achieve approximately 500mm above existing house gutter in height.
  • Great for caravans, boats, motor homes.
  • Creates added air flow.
  • Extra height allows for installation of fans etc.
  • Greater access for machinery to enter rear of property.
  • Allows for storm water to be directed onto existing tiled roof when stormwater is inaccessible.
  • Penetration of existing house roof in our opinion should be avoided if possible.
  • Unable to control stormwater coming in under pergola in extreme weather as house gutters overflow.
  • It is difficult to create a seamless connection to the profile of the house.

Please contact us so we can design an option to best suit your home.