Are you looking to sell your home soon? Or maybe you’re renovating an investment project to gain some major cash? Either way, selling your property can result in massive profit, and you can raise that price by thousands with a few changes.

These tips are proven to raise your property value and get you a higher asking price. They’re also likely to attract more buyers, leading to higher bids. Here are some proven pointers to sell your property for more.

Make Some Home Improvements

The best way to add some value to your property before selling is by making some home improvements. Things like adding a loft extension and double glazing your windows can give you a significant boost in the asking price. Improving the air con system and improving the interior design can also help.

It may cost some money, but it’s an investment that will pay itself off fast. You can also make modest improvements. Even a fresh coat of paint on the wall can instantly increase your likelihood of making a sale.

Declutter Before Selling

Before you start offering viewings and open houses, remember to declutter. Only include the essentials that make your property look like a place worth living in.

Naturally, you’ll want everything to be tidy. But removing some furniture can also help. Homebuyers are looking for good square footage and space to renovate. A UK study found that home sellers sold their property for around £4,800 (approx. $6,400) more than expected when decluttering!

Surround Your House With Nice Smells

If you want your property to sell fast, then get baking and brew some coffee. Prospective buyers will naturally want a nice-smelling home, and the smell of coffee will help to mask any bad odors (especially if you’re a smoker). And who doesn’t feel welcomed by the smell of fresh bread? For extra points, offer cookies or other baked goods at your open house.

Make Your Lawn Stand Out

Exterior improvements also can help you make a sale fast, and overhauling the lawn is one of the best expenditures of energy. Nothing attracts buyers like fresh, green grass; you get bonus points if you have some well-trimmed bushes and flowers growing.

Sell At The Best Time

Sometimes getting the best possible price for your property is all about selling strategically. You might have a goldmine of a property on your hands, but you can earn even more if you wait a few months to sell.

Spring is usually the best time to sell. As the weather starts to heat up, more people attend property viewings, hoping to move in for the summer. You also can show off your sweet spring lawn and air-conditioned house.

Fall can be a decent time to sell a house too, as can summer; sometimes it can depend on the offer. However, you probably won’t get the most significant property bids during the winter, especially with the dull weather and people trying to save for Christmas.


Make use of this practical advice to sell your property. Even a minor adjustment can get you thousands more on your selling price. A small investment can go a long way toward your overall profit

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