What’s the difference between a pergola and a patio?

Pergolas and patios typically adjoin the house and are made from either timber or a metal structure. Both are used to define an outdoor living area. So whilst both provide the same purpose, are they the same thing?

Traditionally speaking a pergola technically does not have a roof but instead is covered by some type of canopy like a grapevine or wisteria. It provides shade from the sun but not complete protection from the elements.

A Patio is traditionally a paved outdoor area adjoining the house. The term Patio is Spanish and means inner courtyard. The patio would be used for outdoor dining but did not provide any cover.

Today’s modern pergolas and patio areas are typically covered by either colorbond steel structures or timber and colorbond combination. Complimented with timber decking, outdoor barbeques and dinning settings as a modern society we have certainly transformed outdoor living.

Camden Pergolas & Patios

Standout Home Improvements build custom high-quality pergolas and have been installing them across the Camden region for over 10 years. Adding them to brand new homes or renovating older homes, we are experienced with working alongside Camden Council to ensure development applications are obtained and approved in accordance to all building work.

Who can install a pergola or carport?

When it comes to installing a pergola ensure you choose a builder who is qualified and ensured. Failing to check this credential could leave with extra expenses and without any warranty. Standout Home Improvements are fully qualified and licensed builders. This means that all our work is covered by insurance and warranty. In addition, you know that the price we give you means there is no other hidden fees and charges. We will have your pergola installed quickly and efficiently, letting you enjoy the outdoor living space as quickly as possible.

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