Having an attractive and comfortable outdoor space in which to spend time can make a huge difference to your quality of life. Unfortunately, busy modern society means that many people simply don’t have the time to keep their yards in pristine condition. Adding decking to your garden provides many advantages that will help make it a wonderful place to relax in, and it’s quick and inexpensive to install. Here are six reasons to consider placing decking over some or all of your yard.


Decking is available in a wide range of textures and finishes, and it can easily blend in with and enhance any garden theme, from natural and rustic to modern and minimalist. It is also easy to cut to the exact dimensions you need, and can be installed on sloping ground with much less difficulty than other surfaces such as paving.


Decking is tough and durable. It can happily cope with direct sun without buckling and splitting, and is also able to withstand wet conditions. Further, it is hard-wearing enough to be installed in yards used by busy families, with all the wear and tear that involves.

Low Maintenance

If properly installed with a suitable underlay, decking is simple to maintain. It blocks weeds from growing, and doesn’t need regular trimming or spraying with chemicals to keep it looking neat and tidy. It is also easy to keep clean and free of mold and stains, which is an especially important point for outdoor dining areas. Finally, decking made out of modern composite materials doesn’t need weatherproofing, and won’t rot in even the most damp and shady areas of your yard.

A Greater Sense of Space

Because it’s so easy to maintain, decking enhances the sense of spaciousness in your garden. With no rampant weeds or undergrowth to block the view and crowd inward from the corners, your yard will appear considerably larger.

Easy to Add Height

A flat, square patch of land can make for a dull yard, yet adding contours through landscaping can be difficult and expensive. Decking makes it easy to add height to your garden, providing extra interest for the eye and opening up interesting design possibilities. Raised flowerbeds, steps, and elevated dining areas are easy and inexpensive to achieve.

Great for Container Gardening

Decking provides a blank canvas to liven up with containers. Compared to traditional lawns and borders, decking makes it easy to move containers around with the seasons, showcasing different plants in different positions at different times of year. The lack of weeds also means that your displays will be the center of attention and not hidden away behind messy wild foliage.

For all of these reasons, decking makes a great addition to any yard, and can transform it into a relaxing haven in which to while away warm days and evenings.

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