5 Possibilities for Your Pergola
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Posted on 04 November 2018

Custom PergolasA structure with columns that support a roofing grid, a pergola is an architectural element that helps to define an outdoor space. When it comes to placement, pergolas are fantastically flexible. They can serve a variety of purposes, so where you put your pergola depends on the layout of your yard and how you want to use the structure.

Attached to the House

Like decks, pergolas are often attached to a home. With this proximity to your indoor areas, a pergola set alongside your home expands your living space, creating an outdoor room that is ideal for relaxing and entertaining.

A Freestanding Room

There aren't any hard and fast rules for pergolas. They come in a variety of profiles and sizes, they can be placed over a paved surface like a patio or walkway or over bare ground, and they don't have to be positioned near another structure. When placed in an open space, a pergola creates a freestanding room that makes it easy to enjoy the outdoors in comfort.

A Gateway

Whether incorporated in a fence as an actual entrance or standing alone as a symbolic one, a pergola can serve as a gateway that invites people to explore a particular area of your yard. It can be a transition between the public front yard and the more private backyard, an entryway into a garden or pool area or simply a way to celebrate the path to your favorite spot.

A Poolside Retreat

Splashing in the pool on a hot, sunny day is delightful, and so is retreating to a shady spot to lounge alongside the water. A pergola beside the pool can provide a protected space to leave flip-flops, cover-ups and towels or a pleasant place to relax while supervising those playing in the swimming pool.

A Garden Room

For those who love to garden, a pergola can be a perfect addition. A distinctive landscaping feature, it can serve as a frame for greenery and flowers at the ground level, support hanging baskets for eye-catching eye-level displays, or be topped with vines that bear gorgeous, sweet-smelling flowers or tasty fruits. Beyond providing a stage for gardening triumphs, a pergola can also create an outdoor room for you to savor while enjoying the natural beauty that surrounds it.

How will you use your pergola? What kind of statement do you want it to make? Those are questions you'll want to consider when determining where to place your pergola. Understanding your goals and desires and exploring the many possibilities will help you to make the choice that best suits your property, your needs and your style.


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